The Ward Family :: Brothers are the Coolest

Earlier this Spring I had the pleasure of hanging out with the Wards for an afternoon. They wanted to document their littlest one at 6 months. I had such fun getting to know this family, and especially getting to see Philip and Charlie playing together! You can tell they are gonna be best buds.

This is Philip.2011_02_Wards 009BB.jpg

He had lots of good expressions for me while we were hanging out.Untitled-1.jpg

2011_02_Wards 053C.jpg


This is Charlie, Philip’s older brother. Charlie had just been roused from a peaceful slumber for the occasion.2011_02_Wards 071C.jpg

Needless to say, he wasn’t completely sold on me or my camera at first.Untitled-5.jpg

2011_02_Wards 073B.jpg

While Charlie eased back into the day, I hung out with Philip and his sweet mom.Untitled-3.jpg

2011_02_Wards 163C.jpg


2011_02_Wards 183C.jpg

Once we headed outside, Charlie decided i was alright, and even let me see some of his awesome skills.Untitled-6.jpg

2011_02_Wards 269B.jpg

We had some alert canine company too!2011_02_Wards 526B.jpg

2011_02_Wards 290BB.jpg

This picture cracks me up. I can’t help but feeling that he looks like a loving, yet exasperated father. 2011_02_Wards 307B.jpg

And of course, these two are best buds. :)2011_02_Wards 310B.jpg

The little man. When he smiles, he puts his WHOLE face into it!Untitled-7.jpg

2011_02_Wards 369C.jpg

There was lots of hair pulling during our time together. Philip couldn’t help himself, look at that curly head! Charlie was such a sport, but if you had seen the next two pictures in this series, you would see his tentative smile QUICKLY slide off his face. After all, a boy can only take so much.2011_02_Wards 441C.jpg

2011_02_Wards 484C.jpg

2011_02_Wards 520B.jpg


I love how mesmerized Philip is by his big brother in the picture on the right. It’s like he’s thinking, “you’re the coolest thing EVER.”Untitled-9.jpg

And of course, when your little brother thinks you’re the coolest thing ever, it comes naturally that he will try to eat your hair. Gumming is the sincerest form of flattery.2011_02_Wards 647B.jpg

Charlie thinks his little brother is pretty cool too.2011_02_Wards 676C.jpg


Basket baby!2011_02_Wards 784B.jpg


2011_02_Wards 912B.jpg


And before I left, Charlie wanted to show me a couple more of his cool toys!2011_02_Wards 859B.jpg

2011_02_Wards 889C.jpg

2011_02_Wards 892B.jpg

Thank you for letting me spend the afternoon with you! I enjoyed every moment!

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